NAPSU has 9 siblings, three of them has hips A/ A. One sister has JK2 results, two of them has passed BH test and excellent show results -> that tells that this litter is close what they requires in BREED STANDARD - > Napsu is EXCELLENT representative of the breed !!

CH NAPSU & CH, BH mum (Scarlett O' hara of White Valley)

JALO has 8 siblings and so far all who has X rayed has hips A/ A and elbows 0/0. Three sisters and two brothers engage in obedience to the second stage and all they have active leisure lifestyle agility. Character tested ( CSAU ) they all have EXCELLENT character !! + Excellent show results !! -> Magnificent litter !! Thats why this the combination ( Voice & Shun ) has been renewed three times already !!

Jalo's brothers and father 

 Jalo's grandfather TEX

 Jalo's son KASSU