In the weekend we traveled to St. Petersburg and attended the 2 x CACIB exhibition (Belye Nochi) and of course, also went to see Hani Napsu's puppy.


2x CACIB Belye Nochi I & II


Our race on Saturday criticized Mr. Wyacheslav.

Henkka gorgeous criticism with BOB puppy, Very promising, CW & BIP !!


Jalo got only  good....

....but that is not hampered our Jalo, it took most of your trip and enjoy running in the park.


Sunday criticized the breed FCI judge Mr. Laszlo Istvan.

Henkka BOB puppy, Very promising, CW & BIP !!

Jalo was fantastic and the quality of criticism advertise Excellent !!


On Saturday we walked to St. Petersburg sightseeing.

Here in photo my dear's Jalo, Napsu & Henkka in center of St. Petersburg.

me and dogs

Pieter Paul Fortress.

Winter Palace and Eremitaaši.

Both days, we met Napsu's puppy Hani, Hani is really cheery and happy puppy.

Henkka it to find friends everywhere, this new "girlfriend" Day !!

Tired passenger .... then it falls asleep almoust anywhere..


Greetings we got also from ALIE, Thanks Yulia !